Gregory Guterman

Software Engineer

Plankton Populations

I worked on an ocean plankton visualization at the Exploratorium. I added interactive graphs that let visitors explore environmental conditions such as light and nutrient concentrations at any point in the world.

Synteny Explorer

I made a genome evolution visualization at VIDI Labs with Chris Bryan and Dr. Kwan Liu Ma. I started the project a year ago and maintain it to this day.

Our application is the first attempt to present evolution on the chromosomal level to novice users. To share our work, I co-authored a paper for the IEEE SciVis conference.

Our Java visualization uses animation and color to show how chromosomes mutate, rearrange and form new species. I wrote the visualization for both genomic data as well as phylogenetic tree data. As more data becomes available, our visualization will become more and more rich, since new data is easy to add in the back-end. We are currently looking into adapting it for use in biology classes at UCD.

All of the Video Games

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To be continued...