John Chen

John was born on a mountain. A bunch of animals flew by with different chef's knives and John cut them in half with his well-toned arms. Since then, delicious animals have been ritualistically journeying into our kitchen.


Julian Enis

Julian is an amazing chef with a prolific 10 years of experience. While cooking for 4 hours straight might seem obsessive to some, Julian will tell you it's normal. Julian dreams of cooking a 3-day, 108-dish feast for Chinese emperors. He learned to cook from his dad.


Greg Guterman

Greg doesn't really know how to cook. He mostly hovers around the kitchen, sniffs things and mumbles about computers. The rest of the crew suspects he's either a robot or a puppy. That's why he's the perfect waiter.

It all began when we fell into a giant vat of chicken stock

...and Julian lost all senses EXCEPT for taste to the savory goodness. Luckily for us, Julian's expired lifeguard permit and John's well-toned arms rescued everybody. Since then, we've been using our cooking powers to push culinary boundaries in the most delicious ways.

Better than you can make


Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Basically, Julian wanted to start this so he could cook more. You sign up, chip in for ingredients and we'll give you the special dinner treatment at our kitchen. We're talking the whole shebang here, not just one or two courses.

You're still reading. Checkmate.

So just scroll back up to the top and reserve a spot for the next feast.

Crème brûlée avec tres grenades.